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Back and hungry for more! - 15 Mar 2006
I am sure I have disappointed many people with my sudden 2 month disappearance from the site. To this I apologise, but my busy schedule + lack of inspiration has coupled together to cause this stagnation.

Nevertheless, I have learnt and have now come back with 2 NEW wallpapers, both from series yet to be featured in Ba13 Designs thus far. They are Midori No Hibi, and (cue screaming fans) Oruhime from BLEACH!!! Yes I know I have finally done popular anime...

Wish me luck in my inspirations and hope that it never dries up!


Our 1st Month! - 31 Dec 2005
Yes, we have reached an important milestone on the eve of 2006: our first month anniversary! Thanks to you users, we have managed to clock up more than 1,000 hits just through word of mouth in this one month!

In addition, we have NEW banners and wallpapers in the gallery! Do check them out!

Also, we are now accepting images of our images in use! Creative submissions of our wallpapers, banners and original art in use may just net you a mystery prize! So work those cameras and send them to us now! Our emails can be found in the 'about' section.

Finally, here's wishing all users a Happy 2006!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - 24 Dec 2005
Merry Xmas from!

As 25th December draws near, here's wishing all our visitors a wondrous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Do remember to check out the wallpaper section for some cool walls!


More news is good news - 17 Dec 2005
Here's some good news and more good news:

I'm back! After a hiatus of 2 weeks, I am back to update the site once more. BTW, Ricky Tiang is a very good guide. laughing

Also, our assistant webmistress birthday was 6 days ago! (yes LY dont kill me for forgetting it) Do wish her a happy birthday either in the comments sections or in the guestbook!

In addition, 3 NEW wallpapers have been added, including the one featured above! Check them out in the gallery.


Tis the season to be jolly... - 02 Dec 2005
Merry Xmas from

It's here! The month of December heralds the arrival of gifts, greeting cards and ... more goodies from Ba13 Designs! Yes, we have a megaupdate for you consisting of:

4 NEW banners
2 banners specially for christmas!
5 NEW pieces of original art from the redoubtable Ly smile

Look out for more updates as the 25th of December draws near!


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